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Out here on the west coast, all we hear is "send money" and that you all are doing just fine.

I'm sure it's because Obama can't be viewed as failing to properly address the needs of those who have been impacted by Sandy, a Category 1 storm. The media wont allow that.

After all, Obama and the leftists screamed at the lack of action by FEMA during Katrina, a Category 4 storm. How can they report that FEMA is equally as bad at reacting to a Category 1 storm and it's aftermath?

Government is, by it's nature, a failure which cannot achieve success on the most simple of tasks but has an excuse ready for every one.

The way I see it is, NY and NJ and other areas impacted now have a head start at living the way Obama wants us all to live. With less.

Less reliable power. Less food. Less stuff. Less comfort. Less safety. Less jobs. Less freedom and liberty.

You're ahead of the game here and getting a head start on the future.

Good luck and live with the choice.

Live with Obama's choice.

Right now, he's playing golf. You're suffering.

It's just the way he wants it.
 Quoting: Eternally Vigilant

it is amazing how in the most populated area in america, the north east, they can block out whats really going on...

people still have no power, martial law spreading, garbage being piled up on the streets. Every single day the situation gets WORSE

nassau county does NOT have to the money for recovery. Most people helping and feeding others are regular people. They are doing this because the supply chain is only gas disruptions, if it was food, or water, these same people helping and donating might start killing people
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26713336

It is amazing how this information does not make local news channels

I live in a western state and NOTHING is being said about people dying of cold or trash piling up

The sheeeple are shown NO pics of these things and if a person doesn't watch alternative media sources....

they think all is well....

amazing how the media CAN block it out
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