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Message Subject Ohio Food Stamp People better buy seeds. You're getting cut
Poster Handle drhoecker
Post Content
read the fine print,
your slave status is here
king hussein (tut)obama
has begun

you if 18 to 49 will get
three months benefits in
three years time or
work 80 hours a month for work
force center then you are cut off
this is how he lied to american voters
he said you still got your food stamps
but not for long
i spent every penny on seeds a long time ago
i will fed my self forever
instead of for a few months
obama knows there is no jobs
you will work for food
like the sign flyers on corners
but you WILL work for food
or you will starve to death
however it is already too late to
change anything.
obama is running usa as egyptian's did
we are already lost.
however you still can leave the system and go wild again
except they made that illegal as well
blm land can not be slept on with no resident address
it is a tresspassing fine if caught
i know first hand from blm officers
who are really just federal cops

stop being ignorant people
we were cheated already a long time ago
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