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Message Subject Ohio Food Stamp People better buy seeds. You're getting cut
Poster Handle Sysiphus
Post Content
Blaming food stamps and social security for what's missing from your paycheck and the budget is like watching your house burn down and blaming an ant carrying off a crumb. Cut all the social security and food stamps and watch the streets fill with dying homeless people but you won't see one penny more in your paychecks. If you want your money back, take the jobs away from the corrupt officials. Shut down the 3 (and now 4) letter agencies, and most importantly the central bankers and the military-industrial empire war machine that sucks away the trillions.

Only complete fucking retards blame anything on this economy on the crumbs that go to the poor.

Only weak, pathetic idiots who are powerless blame the poor for their own failure. But then it's easier for you douchebags to blame the poor because it's easy for you to push them around but you would piss your panties in the face of the real crooks who steal your wealth.
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