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Message Subject Ohio Food Stamp People better buy seeds. You're getting cut
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Lots of people on this site all gung-ho to point out how Romney would have been just as bad, banksters this, politicians that, blah blah blah. They miss the big point though. Whether or not Romney would have been just as bad, right or wrong the public perception is Romney = work and responsibility for self, Obama = handouts and nanny state.

This is the first election in my lifetime that there was no pretense to hide that difference and the people voted for nanny state.
 Quoting: No Dhimmi

What I'm about to post has been posted in the past.

It is true.

Some will blow it off or disagree because you can't or won't accept this but:

The reason is that in a poor economy with jobs going to China most people that have the perception of Romney and Obama that you stated heard the GOP debates about cutting benefits and welfare yet wanting to expand wars.

Don't argue with me, don't deny it. Maybe that reasoning is wrong maybe it's right but THAT is they way people see it whether you agree with it or not.

It's not simply work ethics, it's much more than what you are trying to paint it.
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