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Message Subject So what killed Mars Magnetfield ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Mars is roughly 1/3rd the size of earth, and it doesn't have a large moon.

Earth is 'kneaded' by the moon orbiting it, the earth bulges toward the moon and away from the moon (tides). This affects not only the oceans, but the liquid center as well. All of this 'kneading' keeps the core hot.

Mars doesn't have a large moon to 'knead' its interior and keeping it hot.

Earth has more mass, the larger the body the longer it takes for it to cool off. Mars has cooled to the point where most likely its core is more solid, thus not reacting like a spinning sphere of molten metal, thus throwing off a magnetic field.

Earth is a younger planet, it has been suggested that there was a protoplasm collision (creating the moon) this reheated the earth and has lead to it being hotter now.

Spinning a liquid metal produces a magnetic field and one that switches often (magnet pole shift) and with 'ripples and eddies' much like the earths magnetic field.

Mars has a fossil field, one left in its rocks. Thus at one time it has a living core throwing off a magnetic field.
 Quoting: Bowyn Aerrow

So you are saying that the pull of the moon will make the core of the earth liquid ? You know the thing is the sun has higher forces on the earth why isn't it the earth then a whole liquid body ? with that much force the earth would heat itself from inside no greenhouse needed.
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