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Message Subject JUST IN: Israel "Major escalation 'within hours"
Poster Handle ayr phorce yuan
Post Content
It is time my friends
 Quoting: Then obodo 27549851

I've collected one nickel for every time someone's said this about Israel.

I have 5 trillion dollars in nickles.

I can't even Pay them to do it.
 Quoting: Lada D

I remember the talk in 2004, "IRAN/ISRAEL, IRAN/ISRAEL......." By 2007 when the Syrian nuke site was taken out, I was convinced we would simply wake one morning to hear that all the areas containing nuclear sites have been flattened, i believed this because a close friend in the security service told me so, then I mentioned it to another friend who is a VERY powerful businessman, and he said "nope, never gonna happen", funny enough I believe the businessman ;)
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