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Message Subject To all would be Messiah's
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
hello I want to write on here the real truth. I got a long story past 2 months that lead me to this point i am at in my life now. for now i will skip it and start this at the main part. Weel i was having allot of problems and outa nowhere i had feeling to pray to god to please wake me up. and about a week later out of no where its I woke up but not all the way. I litrally woke up to all the curruption in the world and governemtn and on tv and movies and music and noticed how every1 was idol worshipers. and was telling every1 at my job about the curruption going on and for some reason at that time it seemed like noone could understand what i was talking about and thought of me as a conspiracy freak or something. Well i have allways cared for every1 and never wanted to do anything wrong to any1 and this guy and his friend at my work said to me one day "damn man your the most boring MFer i ever known why dont you stfu. at that time i was talking to my only friend at work. and i turned to him and said i wasnt talking to him go back to washing cars. then he said something else i could not remeber that got me mad and i turned to him and said "well actually ppl like you are the reason the world its in the shape its in right now, u do give 2 craps about whats going on in the government or world for that matter, all u care about is bootie and cars and gold and stupid ass rap music which sucks a big fat one" well he did not like that much and ran up in my face threating to beat me up ect. my boss ran up and stoped everything. well the next day his friend thought he was going to be all big and bad and said the same thing to me, and i said the same thing right back to him. and then he acted like he was going to fight me to " my other friend was telling me i should let him punch me and flop like a fish lol. well anyways i guess he went and told the main boss and instead of them getting in trouble i did. At this point i was doing research and noticed illuminatie/mason crap everywhere. and ontop of that i traced back a buncha currutiop to jews. and i was mad at jews ect. but i was still praying to lord to keep me on the path and keep truth in me ect.. well so next day after that the head boss told me in a really angry voice to have my boss talk to him when he gets there and so he did. and then i got fired. well i didnt think it was right since they came at me and went to the guys office and noticed right away a pyramid with a eye at the top and some other wierd satanic looking thing as paper wieght on his desk. Kinda gave me the chills and i asked him to pull up the camera and watch as they came up to me out of nowhere and basicly verbaly assaulted me. be he said "i dont have to give you a reason for crap, get out my busniess now!" so i said i got a kid on the way man. he didnt care and sent me out very mean like. Well on my way leaving this 1 guy i didnt really like much came up to me and said "is everything allright" and then i said "no man i just got fired and i dont even know why all i was doing is trying to tell people how they are messing up in there lifes and how currupted the world is." then he said hey follow me outside. and when we went outside he said "brother we are in the NWO end of times, you need to find jesus now and a church" and then we done a prayer. Well i felt really excited that finally some1 understood me but was sad i didnt work there and talk to him about this stuff. Well i left work and tried to goto a church and asked god to guide me to a church and took off. well i came across a church but had a bad feeling and drove past it. then i was thinking maybe it was god giving me that feeling to go there and wasnt a bad feeling. so i went to turn around and ended up right in parking lot of anuther church. so i went inside the church and after waiting a while and noticed how the church was selling services and had logo shirts on i just didnt feel right. well i got ahold of someone there finally and explained about all this stuff and how government was big illusion and ect and he looked lost and basicly just said its sin and should start coming to church on sundays. i did not feel like he even cared and went back home. well i was on a youtube looking at israel videos and i posted a video "why is does israel allways seem hypocritcal and attack ppl i thought being religous you where suppost to be peacefull." and i got nothing but buncha hate ppl calling me anti-simetic. ecept 1 lady, she told me "you are the only true american here i ivite you to islam" so i figured hmmm maybe this was the church i was suppost to goto "i was a christian my whole life ... well kinda lol i kinda lost my faith a lil bit" But anyways i started looking up islam around me and found a mosque like litraly right down the road. and so i went and there happen to be 1 guy there. Then i told them about all the curruption i seen and how i prayed to be awoken ect and he seemed to really care and wanna help and gave me a qu-ran and stuff and invited me to come back anytime for help ect. They seemed to realy be really nice people and care for me. well i liked that and went home and started studing and went to mosque like 5 times a day for month and met couple really good people and few friends. And i kepot praying for god to show me the truth and wake me up more and keep me on the path of rightousness ect. well one night i was suppost to meet my friend there and good thing he didnt show up because something really wierd happen to me. erlyer that day at my house a light started flickering around me out of nowhere and went out. well not thinking anything about it i went to the mosque to pray and when i did i noticed the light in the mosque right above me started to flicker and went out in the mosque. and for some reason i just started busting out crying, and kinda dont know why but all i felt was how happy and lucky i am that god woke me up in my life and allowed me back in his life and i guess thats why i was crying and when i did. every1 started to avoid me like i was wierd. all except 1 guy who thanked allah ect. and i started trying to talk to some other people and they seem to not even care and would rather talk about how cool it was to sacrafice the goat for the holiday thing that just happen a few weeks ago. so i kinda left in a hurry and went back home really confused. plus i had deep feeling inside me that there was more to jesus then just a messenger, and got online and i think by sure luck i found this guy named michael hur who made a buncha video exposing satanism and all this stuff i noticed and preached the true word of god and at that time i could feel it that he was telling the truth. and he was a christian. Well then it all hit me. jews was not running anything it was Satanist who have been currupted by satan and basicly satan was running this world right now. And well the very next day i woke up and stared to watch his video's more and more and prayed to see the truth and then i seen a illuminatie video i guess because they tried to say that illuminatie was good actually trying to save us ect.. and it must of been some kinda brainwashing thing and it litrally made me loose my faith allot and i was praying to god to have stronger faith the day befor. well i was super scared and prayed that night befor i went to bed. i was scared because i litrally didnt feel god in me anymore and felt sooo sad like i lost everything that i loved. like my whole family died is what it felt like. and the next day i woke up and found michael hurs facebook and tried to contact him. well when i did i noticed this movie called jesus henry christ. and i watched it and then it all him mer like a ton of brick. That movie showed me true LOVE,I realized i had hate in my heart still and i could only wake people up and help people by showing them pure un-conditional love. Then the truth hit me like a ton of bricks Truth is love and it brighten up my soul so bright that i could then see all the hate and error of my ways. and realized people are blinded because of the hate they have in there heart and when you have hate in your heart it darkens your soul and you cannot even see hate or truth. So what i did was mean to my gf sister because she was being a bad parrent and told her off. well i realized all the error of my ways and realized it wasnt anybody fault it was this world that we live that brainwashed these poor peopls souls to be so dark they dont even know whats wrong with them or what they are doing. and i went to the store and bought her a car and wrote her a letter telling her how sorry i was and if she could find it in her heart to forgive me, and i also droped a card off to the guy at my work and asked for forgiveness to and told him i had hate in my heart and sorry brother it was my fault not yours. I realized the only way to help any1 in thuis world break the curse from these demons is pur love for them and forgive every1 dont let any1 get you mad because you got to have mercy and nothing but pure love for them because satan and his legion of demons have a strangle hold on so many people and darkerned there souls where they dont even know the difference between lust and love anymore. i told my mom i was sooo sorry for everything i ever done and said. and been nothing but helpfull and loving to them all. i realized aliens are fallen angels and this whole world as we know it is a giant illusion from god a giant test for us, and ontop of that the devil is running man in this world and has sooo many people under mind controll. I lost allot of friends which i still never give up on any1 and learned to never give up on any1 you just got to show them true love no matter how bad they hurt you because its not truly them thats hurting you but the devil who has brainwashed there soul so dark that they dont even know what they are doing and its not the real person but just a demon controlling them. my life has changed allot in this past 2 months and im at a level of peace and happienes i cannot even begin to explain. i dont care for any worldy, i love and is happy with everyhting i got which isnt much but more then enuph.I do not have any more fears. only fear i have is the fear of god judgment, and hurting the people i love which is god hehe. i love god the most and well with this truth i notice i can fiollow the path of god soo good now. whats funny is god is leading me around and helping people. last week i started work with a hatefull guy and i showed him nothing but hard work and love towards him and kinda told him about my beliefs and we went from being mean and misunderstood to a really nice guy now and likes me allot and wished he had more work for me. now that the job is allmost over i got a call for anuther job and got it right in the nic of time... which is really funny well erlyer this week i was in new area diving and was didnt mean to get stuck in a right turn only lane but sure enuff there was a perfect spot for me and i pulled in it and said "thanks jesus" well today i was driving down the same road and then thought to myself i wounder if there is that spot open again. so i turned to go down and search for it and litrally 5 seconds later a car plowed right into the back of the car i was just behind of. Was act of god helping me out for sure. I have a old blazer without air bags or anything and this could of really hurt me and prolly would smashed my truth up. i know god has a plan for me and i hope this story helps you guys god bless and love you all and jesus:) there is allot more to the story to:)
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