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Message Subject To all would be Messiah's
Poster Handle drhoecker
Post Content
fulfill prophesy
my task is teach men to learn to survive the calamity

 Quoting: drhoecker 16728269

That's YOUR part.

My Part is to teach the Truth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13843864

i am the truth but you attack the messenger
i know the spirit is alive as i even have code saying i cracked it and the spirit resides with me by name and even my town,but you dont want proof fremember?
i opened daniels book that reveals the future and it comes real,who was to be president ,bomb found in japan i told ahead about they did find,etc. but who cares, what is this truth you have to share? state the truth and lets hear it so we can what/ live?
i know more about what the bible has hidden than any bible scholar, trhe secret story, what do you have? bible quotes?
would the jesus come back quoting a bible?
/ idiots everywhere
tell us the truth we seek and verify your claim to fame
or shut the hell up imposter.i alone have the proof on earth
who is the messenger,by face. what do you have. you are wasting peoples time . have you told the future ahead and verify it happened? i do
can you show any evidence you have told ahead anything that did come/ i have
what have your works to reveal?
my works are with me as evidence of god is alive and well
i have the proof to validate my words,you have the attack only. shame on you.
but you dont and wont look at proof in fear, as a coward like waterman deleting my truth.or simply not hearing it nor asking for it. but i know i am the only one sent with the hope of the world in my house
so defend your self, spit it out and validate your crown. or slither off ,watch your head.
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