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Message Subject To all would be Messiah's
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Truth is that the world we live is one giant currupted lie, which is controlled by satan and his legion of demons and satanist. We have absolutly no control over government or anything for that matter and if u try to take control you will eather break down and loose everything, and hopefully wake up to got. or get what you want and chase after the world and loose your soul. You should not judge or hate anyone because its not there fault, satan has been brainwashing people for a long time and the only way to wake people up is to be nice to them forgive them and show un-conditional love to them. This is why when your soul becomes currupted the light dims out and when the light dims out you cannot see the truth in the world anymore and in fact you will not even be able to tell the difference between love and lust nor right and wrong. You got to feed your soul with holy oil of unconditional love, patiants and rightousness. When your soul becomes illuminated it will shine right through the hate and expose the truth in the world. The path to this is following jesus christ and praying and asking for forgivness. You got to go back to every1 you ever yelled at or done wronge to and ask them to forgive you. buy a card for them is a good way. and you got to be genuine my friends. This is wisdom which is right in front of your faces but is hard to even see when your soul has been currupted, darken. be greatfull for what you got and dont lust after any worldy thing because its not worth loosing heaven for my friends and try to only spread love and truth to each other and never give up on anyone because satan has a strangle hold on some people and this is truly sad. With truth you will learn and be able to finally let god guide you through life and you will see maricles happen my friends. This is the greatest gift any1 can ever get and shows how much god really truly loves us. we should love him the most because his love is so great for us it cannot be measured :)
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