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Message Subject To all would be Messiah's
Poster Handle Mi'Kmaq
Post Content

It seems to be rampant these days that many are standing up to to declare themselves the TRUTH and the ONE to lead the world to salvation.

In the interest of fairness, it seems fitting in these troubling times to hear everyone out. To let them speak, and consider what they say.

The true one will tell you they are not the chosen but only a messenger for the one to come. The message is all that matters and not the messenger. If you knew me then you would see what I am talking about. The real one try's to keep their EGO in check.. they will not wear robes or try and form a religion with their picture everywhere. They will have encounters with the messengers, who have been on their there life so that they will have strength to carry out what needs to be done. The true one will not look like a person of means or power..People will sense this person has a strong vibration to them and would be a strong leader..The one will also have people who have seen the messengers that talk with them even when they themselves thought this person was crazy. These people then will know that there is something to this person and what he says..They become believers in this persons cause. This one can make things happen even when not trying..just by being around this ONE things will get very strange and sometime frighting. People that did not believe will believe or run far from this person. This ONE will not know who they truly are even when going through the tough things. This person will be a true Nobody to the world..This chosen one was brought to this world to reveal the truth but is not the truth. At the time of the revealing this person will become what the world needs at that time..The world and most of the people living on it need a good wake up call and a slap to the face with a cold hand. This person will have two marks of the messengers that will tell them two things. This one will have many that are close to them DIE at very early ages so that they are accustomed to this thing people call death and suffering. Even now this person and all they have seen and did, They will still think they are nothing and want nothing to do with this cup that was given to them before birth on this planet. When it is time this person will be revealed to the world and the message of who and what is GOD. This person should have been killed along time ago but in living through the things they have lived through, makes-them feel humbled to be a part of this plan. So no matter who says they are the ONE the world will see the real one at the time of the revealing.
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