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I was talking to the wife last night(she works in the insurance industry"account manager"10 yrs)about named winter storms. I was trying to make a point that it must be more fear mongering from our lovely MSM! She quickly put me in my place and shocked me. She told me that most of the country is not covered by their insurance from "ANY NAMED STORM"! I am thinking that everyone out here on GLP should check your Homeowner's Insurance & Renter's Insurance. I am willing to bet that most that are not on the coast lines have even heard of "Named Storm Coverage". Well it turns out that if your insurance does not have a named storm clause in it, well then they will cover nothing!

I find i really interesting that they started nameing storms this year. Were they just waiting until the storms were going to be violent enough to make many homeless. I think this ties into Agenda 21. They want to make many homeless in order to have reasons for FEMA to round everyone up.

I did find it hard to find anything about named storm coverage besides coastal areas. But she assures me that this is for all insurance companies in the U.S.A. We Live in Colorado and these storms dont even hit here. But the coverage is still the same.
I also found it VERY CREEPY when I read the names they chose!

Here is a few linkies so it no Stinky

[link to www.offshorerisk.com]
[link to www.opic.state.tx.us]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
[link to www.weather.com]


ohappy oridin bushtard pigchef dick
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23955441

They do not have to make anybody homeless. MOTHER NATURE is going to do the job all by herself. Mother Natures extremes are coming and getting worse. If you choose. You notice I say YOU CHOOSE to live in the Battle Grounds that being area's prone to Hurricanes and Flooding you are on your own. Get It. Nobody makes you live where you live and nobody is going to keep paying for you to stay there. Includeing the Insurance Companies when everybody knows whats coming and if your still in DENIAL just wait. You won't be for long.
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