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Message Subject >>>>>>Can you shoot a slug round out of a non-slug barrel?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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in most cases, correct. however, in the past decade or so many manufacturers have sold "slugsters", or "deer hunters" with a rifled barrel specifically for the firing of slugs (they also sell replacement barrels that are rifled). you can also on occasion find old brit "paradox" shotguns (much more likely in former brit colonies than here in the states) which are rifled for the last few inches of the bore. these are almost entirely made with barrels that were only proofed for black powder loads, though, so they should NEVER be fired with modern ammo (unless of course you are enamored with the idea of picking chunks of barrel out of your face). if you do find a paradox gun, they are highly collectable.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27573720

Interesting. I'm not much of a gun person (besides we have very limited choice and guns and ammo are very expensive in OZ) but the ins and out of it all are interesting.

Couldn't you just drop some of the modern powder load from the slug to match the power of a black powder load and safely fire it?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6439499

nope. the pressure curve of smokeless makes it an unsafe idea. kynoch and a couple of other european ammo makers still load black powder shells for use in the old timers, but even then you're talking about a century old collectors piece. the odds of seeing a paradox gun outside of collections or africa is kind of low, but i figured in Oz it was a possibility. a good rule of thumb is if it's an old double (especially a holland and holland, or parker) and the barrels show a 2 tone appearance, either tiger stripes, or a kind of chainlink pattern, it has the old school "damascus" barrels. they were only proofed for black, and are without a doubt unsafe for smokeless loads. the transitional barrels will be marked as proofed for smokeless, and pretty much everything made after the 1930s will be smokeless proofed.if you have any doubt, good sense says black powder only, or have a REAL expert tell you if the barrels are safe for smokeless. the same rule can apply to rifles as well, especially if chambered for old "express" calibers. pulling chunks of barrel out of your face would be a very unpleasant experience, so if you arent sure beyond a shadow of a doubt, ask the opinion of somebody who KNOWS.
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