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Why Obama'noids are total Zombies: TRUTH REVEALED

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11/12/2012 05:46 PM
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Why Obama'noids are total Zombies: TRUTH REVEALED
Someone posted this video on another of my threads and I thought it deserved it's own.

An Ex-KGB agent goes over the steps that he and his associates were taking to destroy America and bring Marxism to the United States.

It fits everything that's happened over the past several decades to a 'T'.

Everything from deceptive educators, the infiltration of the 'liberal' party, the demoralization of America, the installment of a leader that 'promises goodies' to the people...all of it.

This video was made in the mid 1980's, and EVERYTHING this guy said would happen happened.

THIS is the reason Obama was elected. We are done as a nation....