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Message Subject David dIcke Debunked in 19 Seconds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think icke is a good man.
But theres some things that i doubt about him.
1. Why is the last book dedicated to steward swerdlow?
Everyone knowes steward is a scumbag, he tells his clients that he needs to have sex with him in order to get deprogrammed.
He is trying to start or already have a cult.
He tells couples to split up so he can programm them better.
In every newsletter he asks that you buy something.
There some people verry affraid of him, look it up on google.

2. Why he isent dead for giving al the information he has given..
David exposed allot so why diddent they silence him?

3. He traveld to 55 countrys, that cost alott of money right? How did he finance that.

And then why does icke have a iphone app?
I mean i thought apple was the evil company here?
Thats need to be stopped.
And then offcource Trive movie?
His wife with allott of illumi-hand Signs.
Uhm he says he doesent want chaos,
But all he is talking about is, when the SHTF. All the time.
He says everybody needs to stay calm, but if you look at his headlines on his website, his news, it makes people so angry.
And last, why does he say that everything is a illusion?
How does he make the connexion?
Where did he base that on?
Because thats kind of depressing if your not grounded and have a possiblty to go crazy fast.
I mean that is not healthy information and if everything is an illusion,
Why the fuck are we here then?
Life would be useluss. If everthing is fake?
So that are the doubts that i have about him.

Im not depressed or anything, im just saying what i think.
And Sorry ED Chianni , dallasgoldbug I dont support your work anymore.
 Quoting: *W77*

Illusion is only a word. Whos to say this isnt a dream? And when we dream is that an "illusion"? People bent a piece of metal to fly a cross oceans. We literally create everything around us like a dream.
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