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Message Subject David dIcke Debunked in 19 Seconds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I believe he believes what he says.
 Quoting: Methane

Icke claimed to be a prophet in 2006 after making the failed predictions listed below (at least). If Icke thought he was a prophet in 2006 after all those failed predictions, what does it say about him and his sanity if he actually believed that he was a prophet?

Icke claimed Saddam Hussein was dead 1991 (not 2006 when he actually died.)

"In defiance of Icke's predictions for the early 1990s, Cuba is still to be found on the map of the real world, New York City remains upright and the white cliffs of Dover are still standing."

Read more: [link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

I believe he believes what he says. Minus the lizards.
 Quoting: Methane

What's your evidence for the claim that Icke doesn't believe in 'the lizards'?

'The lizards' are central to Icke's worldview. Icke's explanation of the Illuminati and the world system is dependent on 'the lizards'.

The moon matrix theory and the saturn-moon matrix theory are also dependent on 'the lizards'.

All of that and much more of his worldview would fall apart without the 'the lizards'. How can you make sense of his stuff if you arbitrarily take out 'the lizards'?

It would be awfully strange for someone to put their credibility and career on the line for something they don't believe in, wouldn't it? Not to mention the fact that 'the lizards' are tied in to most of his theories and worldview, why would he do that?

If Icke doesn't really believe in 'the lizards' and yet he's made it a central core of practically all of his books/theories, do you realize that he's not only shot himself in the foot, discrediting himself, but he's discredited a huge part of the 'truth movement', Bullhorn Jones thought so (see below). How can you support someone who's done so much damage in the name of a lie (according to you)?

Also, if you think he's spending so much time on something he doesn't believe in, wouldn't that tip you off that he's a big time liar?

Does he have a sound message? Most definitely.
 Quoting: Methane

In order for there to be a sound message there can be no contradictions in the message. You'll have to debunk the following video to prove that Icke has a sound message. If you can't, why would anyone believe that Icke has a 'sound message'?

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