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Message Subject David dIcke Debunked in 19 Seconds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Icke expects people to believe that he walked into a masonic temple, sat down at in a Grand Master Mason Throne, snapped a picture and got up and left?

I don't buy it, he's involved with masonry somehow and I think that picture together with his explanation is proof of that. He said it was "probably" the first time he had sat at that thrown? "Probably"?

Masonry is all about hijacking people spiritually and that's what I believe Icke's movement is mostly about. The money is secondary in my opinion.

Quoting from "David dIcke, Arizona Wilder and the Biggest Secret" By Ivan Fraser

To me, Icke bears all of the main attributes of a cult leader. I am of the opinion that ALL who open themselves to guidance from external forces are being manipulated by the unseen archons that influence religion, control the illuiminists ,Masons, cults, New age channellers, prophets etc. they are astral souls who did not ascend to Source and are stuck int he astral heavens that they themselves created by their misperceptions whilst alive.

They see themselves as ascended masters and guides and are trying to programme humanity via their influence through the auric field, by preprogramming souls to reincarnate into new born souls, all with the intention of creating their heaven on earth. They create gurus and messiah sand prophets - and these people then programme others by dint of their cult of personality.many are absolutely genuine and don't realise that spirituality comes from within, even though they continually tell people it does.They lose self-awareness and become convinced they are on a mission to save others, or they cannot ignore the drive to preach to others what is being fed to them from 'beyond'. The more they heed the voices and the more mytical experiences they have, the more they open up. And their drive is male intellectual energy. It isn't felt within, it doesn't come from their spirit, it is downloaded and repeated. Their veil of perception makes them see only what the controllers want them to see. They filter what goes in and then spew it out as a distortion of reality.

They don't sympathize or empathize with others, they intellectualize and create rules and regulations and interpretations to explain things to others. They believe they have a gift and become impermeable to criticism, finding reinforcement of their opinions by others who parrot back the same misperceptions to them, and they couldn't care about those who disagree.

[link to www.scribd.com]
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