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Message Subject David dIcke Debunked in 19 Seconds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP, why do you care what people believe? Grown people who earn money have the right to spend it however they like. If they want to buy one of his books to see what his point of view is then that is their business. Also, if they want to pay money to hear him speak, that too is their business.

You don't like him, it's real simple. Don't spend your money or time on him.

You know, Jessie Ventura went after him on his show the other night. I was in shock at the way he was treated.
You know what shocked me the most? Here is Ventura going after someone who made money off of something they believe in.

Ironic, isn't it, that he made all of that money from being a wrestling star? How much money did he make off of people doing something he was "selling" as real? He knew it wasn't real, but he didn't have a problem pretending that it was and then taking peoples hard earned money to do it.
Pot, meet Kettle.
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