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Message Subject David dIcke Debunked in 19 Seconds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
19 seconds?

Icke is a charlatan, no doubt. It has already been said and proven by others with more proof. But you have an agenda.

The esoteric signatures include but are not limited to the numbers 11, 13 and 19, secret societies such as freemasons and the Skulls and the Bones as well as  the planet Saturn.

Occult practioners such as Dr. John Dee  served the covert operations needs of the state.

When the reader reflects and researches the numbers 11, 13 and 19 one will understand why these numbers are associated with covert operations.  An example of this is that word “covert” equals the number 11.

Saturn administers activities pertaining to “family” , “institutions” and “organizations”. The planet Saturn is cosmological linked with the highest form of clandestine activity otherwise known as “Black Ops”. Each part of the term “Black Ops” provides a metaphysical reference to Saturn. “Black” is a color governed  by Saturn. “Ops” is not only short for “operations” but is the name of the Roman goddess who is the wife of Saturn.

Saturn governs treachery as well as enslavement.  Within J.Edgar Hoover ‘s soul urge we see “666″ with the three vowels “OOO” contained in his name.

These are only hints to the larger picture.

[link to visionthought.wordpress.com]
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