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Message Subject David dIcke Debunked in 19 Seconds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I will only say, "Icke fits the definition of a charlatan." because I know what Icke fans are like. Not one Icke fan has even tried to debunk the statement, btw.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23254866

I'm sorry but no one reading this thread is going to believe this explanation that you implied he was a 'charlatan' because of his 'fans'.

This is not an argument of right or wrong here. I'm encouraging you to be honest about your experiences and admissions. You stating that this individual has lots of factual information and information that you found to be unique and tremendously helpful to you, then turning around and making all these condescending statements about these so called 'fans' of David dIcke, it's very hypocritical of you.

You exposed yourself to his information and found some of it to be helpful, why are you discouraging others from pursuing this information to make their own decision about it? Why ridicule others who view the same information that you did?

I've never read any of his books and have watched 3 videos of his on YouTube. I found some of his ideas/opinions on consciousness, energy, emotion to be very intriguing and some of what he had to say I could confirm was accurate from what I have learned through my own personal experiences. When I've heard him talking about reptilians or really 'out there' topics I tend to tune him out and look for him to speak about other subject matters that I'm actually interested in hearing different perspectives on. Is there a problem with doing this? Does this make me a dumbed down fanboy the way you are portraying otherrs to be in this thread?

The only reason I'm speaking up in this thread is that I think you're doing a disservice to others by discouraging them from exploring ideas & theories that, whether true or not, will serve to raise their awareness level of possibilities and encourage them to step outside the confined and rigid paradigms of 'thinking' that society conditions us to accept.

As I've posted earlier in this thread I think the timing of all these sudden "Icke is wrong" threads is somewhat suspicious.

He is going full throttle on the Government/Elite Peodo rings (something he's spoken about for years but no-one would listen) and as if by magic numerous posts are popping up trying to derail him.

I personally believe there is something else going on with these threads as I've not seen this many posts popping up about him since I joined. highly suspect!

 Quoting: WeAreOne

Do you want to know what Icke has actually done to expose "Government/Elite Peodo rings"?

I have to post the following video which I ran across. This guy is laughing at what you just said because of Icke and his totally irresponsible 'reporting':

How is Icke helping to expose anything when people are having that reaction?

And, actually, the reaction is totally appropriate and correct by normal standards. The guy is trying to examine Icke's article like a normal person would, taking it on its own merit.

I don't know how much Icke has helped expose "Government/Elite Peodo rings" in the big picture there's lots of other researchers exposing that stuff but Icke's the only one of them who gets laughed at in doing so by the public that I've seen.

An unbiased observer might say that he's discrediting these issues far more than exposing them. As is pointed out in the video above, it's Icke's total irresponsibility that causes people to laugh and rightfully so by normal standards.

Bullhorn Jones thought that David "Icke"'s reptilian stuff was "asinine" and "it discredits all of the reality people are talking about." According to Bullhorn Jones, Icke was doing more harm than good in his work.

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