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Message Subject David dIcke Debunked in 19 Seconds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There lots of questions asked of Icke fans that they ignored but there are three things that were ignored that I really want an answer to:

1. Someone earlier asked this question:

If he speaks real, legitimate knowledge then why hasn't he been suicided?

To which I responded:

A much better question in my opinion is why has he been allowed on national TV in Britain throughout his career?

The documentary "David dIcke, Was He Right" is like an infomercial for him. Watch it carefully, there's tons of staged stuff in it that makes him and his family look great. In that show they don't ask any really hard questions about his theories, his lack of evidence, his failed predictions, etc.

You're not gonna get an hour long prime time special (that's actually an infomercial) on the BBC if the system considers you a threat. That would never ever happen.

Can someone explain that?

2. I don't know if Icke's supposed "breakdown" of the early 90s was a real breakdown or a staged thing, look at the following picture...it strikes me as staged, that's just my feeling. Does it look like an admission that they were working together to you? It does to me but that's just me.

[link to www.fileswap.com]

What's an Icke fan's explanation/interpretation of that picture?

3. How do Icke fans watch the video below and claim to know with COMPLETE CERTAINTY that David "Icke" doesn’t have ties to Freemasonry?

Icke expects people to believe that he walked into a masonic temple, sat down at in a Grand Master Mason Throne, snapped a picture and got up and left?

I don't buy it, he's involved with masonry somehow and I think that picture together with his explanation is proof of that. He said it was "probably" the first time he had sat at that thrown? "Probably"?

What's an Icke fan's explanation/interpretation of this video?

This question was posed by another poster in this thread and it was never addressed adequately:

ignore everything regarding icke for the moment and focus on the below:

1) i said x
2) 10 minutes elapse
3) i never said x

now answer this question:
1) did i ever say x?
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