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Subject Why aren't more Countries following Iceland's example?
Poster Handle Father Nature
Post Content
Serious problem with today's Society is the fact that no-one believes in their Neighbours nor they in You. Noboby talks or does anything about anything yet..., when the preverbial doodoo hits the fan then they start to speak up but often too late to have an effect.
Being reactive is why Humanity is in the mess it's in. Icelanders may in fact be the only Society with brass one's on this Planet who have put a stop to Industrialists controlling their lives.

Below you'll find an article by Deena Stryker that gave me a little Faith in Humanity. Unfortunately, I cannot see North America EVER doing anything like this. Too many Sheeople living too comfortably off the backs of others.

Why Iceland Isn't in the News anymore BUT should be:
By: Deena Stryker

...please follow link for complete article:
[link to fathernatures.ca]
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