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Message Subject DECEMBER 21st only hours away now,,,,What to expect?
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
I think that all the talk of 2012 being "the end of the world" is all build-up so that TPTB can stage a massive event. MSM has been CRAMMING the idea down our throats more and more every day. Could be predictive programming to prepare us for something they are planning. Just my opinion.
 Quoting: Whit3 Rabbit

I dont think you are right.

Many independent researchers e.g Chris Thomas, Michael Tsarion etc and individuals like you and I e.g Rik Clay who sadly died mysteriously, do/did indeed speak of 2012 as the end of the human civilisation (not the end of the world) as we know it.

There are many ways I could explain this but it depends on the questions I get. For a start, there is a hell lot we don't know about ourselves as "HUMANS". E.g. we speak and think in a language we didn't invent. Our knowledge of words to explain the world is indeed confined into a set of "programming" language. We know very little about the world we live in and we have all been programmed since birth and still being programmed every second of the day. You need to discard this programmed mind that tells you what is and isn't. We have no basis or reference point for knowing a word actually means what it is supposedly said it means other than the fact that society reinforces and/or accept those choice of words. We are no more than lab monkeys thought how to do a few tricks.
 Quoting: Ohwell

I never thought of it like that. You make a cleaver point. Also, maybe I should have worded it as "the end of civilization" instead of "the end of the world". That really IS what I meant anyways. I do not think the world is going to end. More of a "reset" in my opinion is coming. I believe this has happened many times in history and yet somehow atleast a few must survive every time or nobody would be here now.
 Quoting: Whit3 Rabbit

It has happened many times but I think this time.....it is different. The planet could potentially be coming to a completion of something that was set in motion very, very long ago.

Some will call it rapture, others call it graduation. I am inclined to accept the evolution concept in which those who are evolved in spirit gets to leave this plane of existence. It might be death of physical transformation into something else. When you also consider the fact that science tells us that everything is matter/energy vibrating at very high velocities, then physical transmutation (in holy science terms) accelerated by a yet to be identified trigger, is possible. If you are really into this stuff, you will perhaps have come to realise that many of us on this planet are less than spiritually matured and if the world were left to continue this way with these sorts of people in it, it cant but be hell waiting in the very near future or alternatively, we have a society full of actual human drones. So something needs to change and something might indeed be up with 2012.
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