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Message Subject DECEMBER 21st only hours away now,,,,What to expect?
Poster Handle Whit3 Rabbit
Post Content
Watching now....thanks bunches!
 Quoting: Whit3 Rabbit

your welcome.

you will have a great appreciation of the lecture of graham hancock if you also listen to the equally astounding lecture of his friend robert bauval.

Monuments to Life - Robert Bauval: The Sphinx

i started my research about three years ago. at first, i shun away from the mayan calendar. but lately, i was drawn back to it.

you see, i realize the mayan calendar is not some sort of an ancient time bomb that goes KABOOOM at the end of its countdown on 12-21-12. like any calendar, it points us to an event which the mayans celebrate, and that is what appears to be the sun rising from the center of the milky way. the mayans long ago called this center the DARK RIFT...

brent miller of the horizon project called this the GALACTIC CENTER, where a tremendous amount of energy emanate from the black hole at the center of our milky way...

is it by coincidence that nasa and russian scientists have lately discovered our solar system is entering a million degree blob of hot gas they call the LOCAL INTERSTELLAR CLOUD which is ten light years across and appears to be agitating our sun into shooting of tantrums of coronal mass ejections, and our planet now has been having these unparalleled deadly earthquakes like never before?

look, my apologies that there's just too much to explain. pls. follow my thought on the topic at this thread:

Thread: Can it be the INTERSTELLAR CLOUD (Local Fluff) within the LOCAL BUBBLE is the ...DARK RIFT?
 Quoting: Tulisanes

Funny, the sun seems to be having a fit as we speak.
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