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Message Subject DECEMBER 21st only hours away now,,,,What to expect?
Poster Handle Whit3 Rabbit
Post Content
OP we must be thinking alike. Actually I think there are a lot more threads concerning this issue the closer we get to December 21st. I PRAY this earth starts over because we've really messed up this one for sure!

Thread: ***2012*** Official Poll*** Do You Want The World To Come To An End In Six Weeks???
 Quoting: DaddysGirl

Correct. There is ALOT of people still concerned about December and as the date approaches, the hype and concern will escalate. I agree. We NEED some kind of a "reset".
 Quoting: Whit3 Rabbit

Reset into what? The bigger questions are something of this nature......"Who are we and what are we doing on this planet?" To waht degree are our lives and what we know about reality, life and death dictated by a few controllers?

Many old people are asking this question....."what has their life been all about?" Working and living and doing all other formalities means nothing at the end of your journey. So, I'd rather prefer to have an answer to that question than to just have a reset and pretend everything is dandy afterwards.
 Quoting: Ohwell

By reset I mean wipe the earth clean and start all over. I see your point and would LOVE answers but I don't think we'll ever get them. We're all just servants and it sickens me. This can't be what life was MEANT to be. As the saying goes, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain".
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