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Message Subject DECEMBER 21st only hours away now,,,,What to expect?
Poster Handle Crispin Prospero
Post Content
we're entering a vicinity of an area adjacent to a location,
the kind of place where there might be a vortex
or some kind of weird mirror.
These are just visions, it could also be something much better.
Prepare to enter a realm which is... unusual,
maybe it's magic, or contains some kind of new and different illusion.

a massive illusion,
truth is itís your life thatís the illusion
while past, present, and future are merely figments of your imagination

the universe is always in its current expanding direction and becoming more and more disordered - entropy is increasing and always has been since the inception of the universe, as is time.
all inventions of convenience involve the splitting of certain atoms
illusions within illusions
1 grid or grand scale illusion containing many other figmented illusions
like a dream within a dream
And expanded it to two spatial dimensions, and get something that looks much more as your desired image for your imagination with applied magnetic supersymmetry from mind and wave particle duality in light

it's the illusion,
on your time.
within the favored time.
on or around the same time,
as the solstice

Thanks for your TIME
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