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Message Subject DECEMBER 21st only hours away now,,,,What to expect?
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
Well...I think...There shall be a true Apocalypse...an unveiling of the human mind. At once we shall all stop in our tracks and our minds shall fill up with the memories of our former lives. We shall be in the past thousands of years and the present as well. We shall speak again the languages of the many nations we have lived in. We shall remember our lost loves and our failures. We will begin to seek out old friends and become the entirety of our many, many lives. We shall relive history and know all its secrets.

We shall see that we have all been evil and saintly. We shall find the truly evil among us and isolate them among their fellows. We cannot ever go to war again in this lifetime for we finally know that we are all equal. We cannot shoot or kill someone who in the past may have been a friend or lover! We shall see with eyes that have seen many lives and see the futility of war. We shall put down our weapons and speak in those many tongues and hear the voices of our pasts.

We have all been women and all been men. We have been black, white, Indian and even people long lost to history. We have been the rich and the poor and find that common understanding to create a land of peace for a thousand years.

We shall all see that our beloved religion is just one of many we have held dear. We shall see all religions are just bigoted laws we allowed ourselves to be controlled by. We shall see that we are only a collection of souls that exist without gods and follow the unending turning of time. The only punishment or reward for any lifes' work falls to the equality of a great Karma...a great equalizer in the passage of time.

Then we will forget over that time and become again as we are reborn...the selfish, hateful, loving, lazy, hard-working, spiritual or agnostic souls that society creates by bigotry or kindness.

Then repeat...for we are eternal souls and must be kept entertained by living new parts in an unending play throughout the universe.

Or not....ana Hey, you asked...
 Quoting: waitn4end

Great Post. Have you seen any of Chris Thomas' videos?
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