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Message Subject DECEMBER 21st only hours away now,,,,What to expect?
Poster Handle Stu V. StuvWx
Post Content

you see next year i would have been 50 and retiring with good pension and about two million in lump sum cash. i though if doom were to come late this year, i should be retiring now....

then opportunity came when the new management of my company offered early retirement to our HR department and i thought of somehow applying and my wish being granted. i know they would have let me go. it's just that my wife had a change of heart and mind and cried that i don't retire yet.

you see, the money could've have paid off our debts (or i also thought of holding on to it IN CASE OF AN ECONOMIC RESET ...maybe a part of the money to buy food supplies and survival kits. no! no banks, i'll hold onto the money and hide it real good inside the house. because i thought if doom arrives, there'll be no banks anymore. put money in banks and say goodbye to it if an asteroid drops in from space or a global flood washes everything away.

i already conditioned myself on what to do when i retire --with and without the doom scenario. if no doom, i'm sure not far off that i'll be retiring and maybe next year, too.

what bothers me now is WHAT IF there is going to be doom come december 21, 2012? i'm most afraid of a global flood whether its cause will be ASTEROID, COMET (from the bible code), POLE SHIFT, SUPERMASSIVE ENERGY FROM THE CENTER OF THE MILKY WAY, FIRE FROM THE SKY OR KILLSHOTS OR THE SUN'S CMEs, or what have you.

while the rest of my officiemates plan their christmas holidays with fat bonuses and vacation, here i am worrying of doom and these people don't have the faintest idea of the dangers that may come starting december 21, 2012.

i feel somewhere between this huffy and this verysad.

(sorry i'm just pouring my heart out with all these grief!)
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