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Message Subject DECEMBER 21st only hours away now,,,,What to expect?
Poster Handle CyberCyrus
Post Content
...to complete the picture, brent miller of the horizon project --before he vanished and now nowhere to be found-- gave stern warning to stay away from coastlines that will be inundated due to a pole shift (same advice from the belgian patrick geryl) "two or three days (i'm now quoting brent here)" or not long after december 21, 2012.
 Quoting: Tulisanes

so far, the STRONGEST ARGUMENT that led me to believe something may just happen on december 21, 2012 and onward are the proofs put forward by brent miller of the horizon project.

all of the following interviews by coast to coast am are science-driven. one can say that rogue scientists and researchers from the horizon project who deviate from the mainstream thinking built the case that there may yet be doom late this year.

today, it appears brent miller just disappeared, maybe now in safety at some high mountains where catastrophic flood won't reach him.

here are his three interviews:

the january, 2007 coast to coast interview:

the november, 2008 coast to coast interview:

the (last) january 2009 coast to coast interview:

 Quoting: Tulisanes

Thanks for posting these interviews of brent miller. I now know the truth.

This guy is something else. It is frightening how convincing his arguments are. After listening to him, it al seems to fit like I haven't felt before. So much it makes my skin creep. Didn't even know about his project untill now. And now he suddenly vanished ?? I'm sorry but for a guy that intelligent to disappear at the right time after revealing what he found just means he is definitely on the right track imo.

I've been fascinated by doom for years, and searching for the truth (like we all tend to do), but I must admit that now I am convinced that what this brent guy describes in full detail, is EXACTLY what happened before and will happen now again very soon. No doubt in my mind anymore.

It just CANNOT be a coincidence the way everything fits together: the corals found on tops of mountains, the dustlayers in the ice, FEMA, the undergrounds our govmnts built, the maya's, all the old civilisations that simply vanished and their ancient tech, the galactic plain, the fact that indeed the outer planets HAVE shifted since last year, all the earthquakes, extreme weather like we NEVER had before, the underwater cities all around the world, the story of atlantis, noa's flood,...we can keep naming 100's of things that seem to coïncide. Just can't be random. can't be. It's becoming more and more obvious now. I for one am trying to mentally prepare myself for this. So should you all. Don't know but I think meditating or at least contemplating our existence seems like a good idea...

One more thing : anyone ever thought about the fact that Christmas is on 23d of december every year ? I really begin to believe that that date was chosen, not to celebrate the birth of someone, but rather to celebrate a new beginning. I think that is the REAL reason for the most important celebration of our era. To remember the end and the beginning. That would then also be the real meaning of alpha and omega. Sound familiar ? The maya's been showing that concept in their calendar all along. The cycle of beginning and end. I think christmas was invented to remember this event rather than the birth of the son of God. We ARE the son of God, always have been, and we never had a need for a "savier", rather than to be our own saviers. The Spirit lives inside us all regardless of Jesus to exist or not. We are responsible for our own actions, and we have to take responsability for it ourselves rather than handing it over to Jesus to pay for it all. Don't get me wrong, I believe in God as an entity and that Jesus was a real person who really existed with a very special gift of teaching love, but I always questioned the new testament as a true story rather than being a story of metaphores with the truth in the fine print. Remember that allmost everything in the bible is a metaphore, and I am convinced that the story of christmas is too. The real meaning is between the lines.

And everywhere I look I'm beginning to see this correlation with this recurring catastrophe : the bible, the Mahabharata, the maya's cycle count, atlantis, even the koran, they all seem to be telling the same story of an ending cycle.

Dont know whether to rejoice or to be sad for what seems to be coming, I kind of feel like both, cause I have two sons of 5 and 8, and I can't stop thinking of them and how they don't deserve to die like this. How to prepare them for something like this ??? I'm really at a loss for my kids, it's breaking my heart verysad

Let me wish you all the best none the less, God speed to everyone, and if you have kids of your own, be sure to have them close come the 21st... and when it happens, if it happens, when that final warning comes and the whole world shakes on it's foundation, hold them as thight as you can and don't let go while telling them you love them. Give them all you got in those last moments. I know I will. After that, I am confident that we will all meet on the other side, exisisting as a single being for a while, before OR moving on to the next realm, OR being reincarnated on this planet once more.
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