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Message Subject DECEMBER 21st only hours away now,,,,What to expect?
Poster Handle Whit3 Rabbit
Post Content
I've already been posting my opinion more often these last few months because

1 - I'm more certain the seven year tribulation begins in December 2012

2 - I wrote a book detailing my research and conclusions

I think Judgment Day is at the end of 2019. For more info see my other posts on GLP or my web site [link to endtimesand2019.webs.com]

My publisher wanted to make sure my book isn't associated too much with 2012 doom so he insisted we remove 2012 from my original title and that it goes to print too late to be out before 12/21/2012 (though it should be printed within weeks now if he stays on target.)

You can already pre-order my book on Amazon.com
[link to www.amazon.com]

My bottom line - I think a world-changing event will occur this month that ushers in the tribulation, and an Arab-Israeli war followed by a seven year peace treaty brokered by the AC around 12/21/2012 would fit the bill perfectly.

FWIW the Maya did anticipate TEOTWAWKI but their description of the skies matches late 2019, not 2012 like their calendar.

One theory: Note the 12 year gap between the Maya start date in 3114 BC and India's Kali Yuga Age starting 3102 BC. I think the Maya date a "new world" from the beginning of the transition years of chaos, where others might date the world from the final event. So if the tribulation does start in December 2012, perhaps the Maya date TEOTWAWKI to this moment, whereas the last seven years from 2012 to 2019 are Biblically viewed as the last transition years at the end of the old world.
 Quoting: Horus Of the Two Horizons

Kinda lame to use GLP to promote selling your book don't ya think?
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