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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle Spiritoftruth111
Post Content
Ye have claimed things not yours to claim IAMIAM posting on other forums also of things ye know not ye speak gather the like minded condemning them further. Know this if thou would repent and empty thine cup I shall forgive ye and take what is written to come upon you away. For the things you have said are great evils in eyes of God, my Father is not pleased with things many have done and is losing patience with the world.

I will answer in this thread what I feel I should answer to, it is by my choice in grace I speak unto the wicked.
 Quoting: Spiritoftruth 26530436


Does this mean you do not have a plan?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13843864

The things unwritten not given to man shall not be revealed until the hour appointed, the work and what I am doing and will do will not be shown until the time it is meant to be.

It need only be said to mankind in these days to repent, for they know not truth and are all condemned. A final test will be issued those whom recognise the true Light of Truth shall be saved those whom do not shall remain in their condemnation.

The Book of Life saith all those whom was known to recognise and accept, for those not written they will never be written, even those which are added are always known to be added and those removed always known to be removed.

Even so many whom are mine to be shall reject me at first until the day of revealing it is known. But I will forgive them for in their trials to come they shall be redeemed and find the faith to see the Light before them.
 Quoting: TheWORD 26530436

after they return and make up some cocky story they grow egos way large,at least i posted what is really comin today
here on glp

 Quoting: drhoecker 16728269

Ye have been misled by the spirits which showed, let it be known to you now you are bound also as rest of mankind and need help from the Heavens. That the things you believe in mind are lies and lead you to harm in coming years. Knoweth if not now then that ye are misled and repent in the name of Jesus Christ and ye shall still be saved.
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