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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle Truth
Post Content
The book of life read these words within me, I wrote down as soon as I saw.

vision 7/5/11

time 10:55 am

was seeing with my eyes on a scroll of an ancient book ...The Book Of Life...read...

The Bestowed Ones

The first ones will be found as one who first stirred the Body, to revive them.

These are the those found faithful, who were those who were the first overcomers

who saw through the deception within the church, and made it known to others. They

are the first hand picked fruits of God, his Fine Seed, belonging to the Body of Christ.

The first to gather the dead body parts.

But if we will know how near the time is, we must not look without us,

but in the unsealed Book of Life within us; there you will find the fore-going Signs,

which are first to be accomplished in your own Heavens and Earth
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