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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle Spiritoftruth777
Post Content
please sir,i come to you most humbly to ask of you how long the little ones will remain here to suffer,i pertition you on their behalf,how long will they suffer on this most wicked of threshing floors.they are murdered,torn limb from limb everyday and the ones that are allowed to live suffer abuse and hurt everyday in this world.how long will it continue??does their blood not scream out,even to your throne?? I long to escape this place but even if im left behind,as long as the innocent depart ,i will be content. Thankyou!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11771246

For a time a little longer must ye endure knoweth that I shall repay all for what they have done, let it be known to nations that every spirit wether alive or dead shall reap as it has sown. For soon cometh the Sword of Justice and surely the nations shall mourn. The blood does cry out unto the heavens as the prophecy has said ye must wait until time appointed until the brethren whom will die in name of God have completed their works. But knoweth this the wicked shall not remain and the kingdom promised shall come sooner than expected.

But before that time the Devil will rule openly for a short time due to sins of man and he shall be liken to the tyrants of the world and bring great destruction and woes to man. But knoweth also those whom commit great evils whom hearts are hardened in tribulatons to come they will reap as they have sown, Justice shall be repayed for vengence is ours to bring.

I speak not alone for my Father is with me as has always been even in the aeons of paying the debt of sin in Hell, know this the torments of underworld are beyond the comprehension of mankind.

Heed this my people the devil shall make war against us soon seeking to behead murder and torture ye he shall do so through the unbelievers whom have not been prepared in oil of spirit. There minds will be overtaken their hearts hardened against ye and they shall seek to destroy ye.

Blessed are they whom would die in name of God whom would die upholding all righteousness for what is right and good, for unto them the kingdom will be given and the glory of kings.
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