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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle spiritoftruth111
Post Content
I would like 2 talk 2 you if you are willing OP??.

I am in a very confusing time in my life.. Its hard 2 figure this world out but im trying my best.. well not allways.. it is like something comes over me from time 2 time and im having trouble controlling it.. Its gotten alot better lately thoug, alot.. I know how much good there is in me and let it shine the best i can.. but sometimes.. yeahh.. But i can also be very straigt forward and i can see it hurts people.. i dont know im just confused right now :(

And come on people, why be so fucking hatefull.. You can learn something from ALL people.. I you dont want 2 read this thread please go away :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20453845

What thou seeketh to know, please with hold such language it affects the spirit.
 Quoting: Spiritoftruth 26530436

What is the differents between good and evil.. Arent the "evil" beings doing what they themself think is yhe right thing?? And Why is your Way the right way??
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20453845

good is selfless wereas evil is selfish, evil can know good but may not understand it and in doing so commit evil calling it good.

service to others in correct understanding is the core principle to good, service to self is the core principle to evil.

The truth is always the truth, how much a person knows and doesnt is the only difference, the truth is a straight and narrow path which does lead to Heaven. It is not mine to tell you which path to walk ye must choose for yourself, but wide is the way which leadeth unto Hell.
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