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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle TheWORD
Post Content
OP, we have been warned against false prophets. How do we know you are who you say you are, and not a false prophet?
 Quoting: Rising Son

Ye shall know in time I spoke the truth and even I took the time to offer aid to those whom would listen even on a forum is this not humble that I would post for even those most lost, which minds have become lost delusions confusions insanity and wickedness?

As the person whom spoke said those whom are mine shall know me for the Spirit of Truth which is of Me shall testify to their spirits I am He, they shall not be decieved but many shall be whom do believe in me but I shall not let the Beast take the righteous away even if they be decieved for a time, for some will learn later as tribulation cometh but some will see early and they shall be called the firstborn.

I have given much already for those with eyes to see, let it be said we speak to the spirit whom then can hear for more than is said is said in words that we give. Let all pretenders be exposed in time as the afflictions of the woes cometh upon them, let they know then they be decieved and repent before the hour of darkness.

Let ye know in the day of judgement ye shall be given even memory of speaking to me on this medium, let then those whom spoke wickedly be shown what has been done for all in that day and let them know why they fell into hell, for guilt shall overcome them for they shall know in their torment they had brought it upon themself and God sought only to do good for them but they in pride spoke as wicked devils so got taken by devils come the day pit opens.

For surely by eternal law all shall reap as they have sown, is it not written that All things shall be repayed that Justice would come upon all people nations tongues both those alive and dead.

Be warned for a time is coming that those whom pretend shall have power to act even so in deceptions and sorcerys they shall misled the nations. Go not on to any whom saith here by Jesus Christ or there he is in temple. Knoweth I shall when do my work in world not tell anyone but my prophets whom I am for they will know me by Spirit as I know them. Until the final day were Act 1.11 is fulfilled all but few of mankind will not know the Lamb stands upon the earth once more, even when the seals begin to break people shall not understand what is occuring.
 Quoting: Spiritoftruth111 26530436

OP, regardless of who you are, your message rings true. Forgive me for being skeptical, you must admit it is difficult to navigate through the evilness in this world. However, you speak the truth, and your message calls to me. I fully embrace your message of humility and repentance. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom :-)
 Quoting: Rising Son

Ye are forgiven, it is understood why people would be skeptical for their is many whom take on the guise of the lamb but inward are ravenous wolfs, some have been revealed even in this thread for they can not stand against the true Light.

Ye shall be a rising son if continue to walk path of humility and repentence and follow and live by the selfless example that was given in time of Jesus Christ. For that is the narrow path to heaven to follow the example that was given but to also accept us so we may dwell in you.

There is many whom claim to be me but they would not dare bare the cup I do, for knoweth now the atonement true understanding was to suffer Hell in all it levels fo all worlds and spirits that had sin, it is not just the earth that was atoned for but what occurs on this world is universally important. The Son of Man has suffered beyond any before whom so ever would take the title from him must then be taken to the suffering he has endured, at this time only the Son of Man knows the torture of the lake of fire the torment of the outer darkness to deepest parts of pit of Hell. As time is known this would be seen as Aeons upon Aeons for time worketh different in the lower plains. The cross is but a step which was to lead to the greater atonement, for many did die on the cross but did not pay the debts of sin.

Behold a mystery of the reason why the devil choose to kill us on the cross, the devil thought he had one the cross symbolising the binding of God, the symbol of the cross with a circle in the middle represents the binding of God. For God aloud himself being sinless to take all sin of all worlds so he might be bound to chains of deepest parts of Hell and arise through the underworlds until was born as man in body of sin to overcome the cup of sin and arise and ascend opening the way for all whom would believe on his name whom repented and lived by the standards of righteousness.
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