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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle Lamb of God
Post Content
A favorite song of mine is "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! His truth is marching on." The choir sang it at my daughters graduation and it filled the building with such a beautiful sound. Praise God on High. Love the Lord GOD with all your heart. He is amazing. Lots of Love. I only hope that Jesus Christ, the one and only begotten son of GOD forgives me. sheep
 Quoting: donnamickey 17095802

Ye are forgiven sin no more, learn now the mystery of sin, for sin is liken to a door in which ye invite a stranger in that stranger may seem harmless when ye first open the door but the intention of that stranger is to harm.

Man by commiting sin feeds the beast all around them, this gives power unto the beast to act upon them, their minds, their bodys even what they experience in the world.

As does the charge of a magnet draw what is it drawn towards it so too does sin draw what is drawn to towards it, when a spirit dies in sin like a magnet it is pulled down into the underworlds.
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