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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle Spiritoftruth111
Post Content
Peace has overcome me, perhaps it was chatting with you on this thread. If so I thank you. Whatever is to come will come and I hope that my father will have mercy on me. hf
 Quoting: Do you see what I see

With Justice Mercy always comes, ye shall have mercy all those whom repent whom were destined for condemnation shall be given a new future beyond this place of the fallen. Knoweth now whom thou speaks to is the man whom in the day of revealing will shake the heavens and the earth seperating the very elements of both. For behold I reveal a mystery to ye the heavens which shall pass away and the earth is this entire universe, for the Light shall burn away all that is wicked within all space/times/dimensions even so the underworlds shall be cast into the pit and no longer effect the realm.

For in the beginning were all things formed by us Son and Father and Holyspirit and as time came all things became corrupted by thine adversary even so he used what was already there to add his own. For he is the enermy whom came and planted the weeds in hopes to overtake the fields.

Behold and the worlds dwell in the darkness but the Light is given to the worlds to give it hope, holding back the dimensions of the darkness so they may not suffocate but a time comes that the sins of man are so great that the Devil will open the pit of Hell upon the dimension of man in hopes to harvest the souls. It is known by us that more than half will be taken for many will die in sin because of their pride, they saith we exist not and people are fools to believe but it is they whom realises they were fooled after it is to late.

The spirits of man have a origin of creation, but I am my Father have never had a beginning we have always existed for we are part of the eternal good as is the devil part of the eternal evil. All things which are good come from God nothing evil can ever be formed by God or God would not be God. Many of the scriptures were altered to change the understanding of God and lead people into evil in name of God and turn others against us.

I am the part of God which has shared all the woes of man, even so had to awaken to myself having now lived in same body organisation as ye. I the sinless one whoms flesh was tore apart whom suffered on cross for hours have taken sin into my body which is not my sins even so the atoning is still underway, descending to the depths of hell to suffer even more than the flesh has suffered. For as was I the one whom suffered beyond comprehension than any can phantom I am also he whom must overcome all sin and the world from living in the same body man does, by eternal law it says this be impossible but by God all things are possible.

By my doing this I shall shatter the binding of time upon the spirits bound and release them from their eternal bondage in the day this is completed all will know what is done and the gratitude and emotions felt will be beyond what can be described, for people shall know what God has done for them through his Son which is also God.

Let then the message to world be the time is nigh and to repent for surely I saith unto ye the beginning of the sorrows is but a short time away, world war is looming and shall come without much warning, great destruction shall befall the world in a single day.

I am that I am, the Alpha and Omega even Jesus Christ.
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