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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Many have heard about the atonement done by Jesus Christ but not many have understood what it all meant and what was involved. Behold I shall reveal what is involved and reasons it had to take place. The atonement was necessary because mankinds spirits are already condemned, fallen from else were from choices that took place while in spirit, these fallen spirits where known to in time be condemned to a eternity in the realms of darkness even so it lower dimensions in Hell. God in love forseen this outcome and created a plan to offer a alternative future to those whom accept it, this alternative future plan was Jesus Christ. It is known by those with eyes of beholder whom see all from beginning to end understanding eternal law, that by the laws those spirits whom had done evil are by law condemned to eternal misery and suffering, having crossed the line into the realms of darkness forsaking the ways of light.

It is because of this a atoning sacrifice had to be done to pay for the debt owed by eternal law, the Son of God even Jesus Christ the WORD came from a place the spirits bound in this universe have never seen, a place of perfection of love joy fun and happiness, were no darkness remains nor evil can occur. He the King of Heaven the Alpha and Omega himself said I shall leave my throne and I God shall descend and pay for the debts of the worlds in creation which had fallen into the realms of darkness. God knew that this meant he must suffer the consequences of all sins, this was a number incomprehensible to anyone but God alone; the true atonement began on earth with universal importance earth acting as the convergence point for worlds without numbers. God had to come into world and live a life sinless then be put to death after having taken into him all sins of universe, so as he might die and be taken to deepest dimensions of Hell, he then had to work his way through each level of pit till reached the top of pit this took Him aeons upon aeons to accomplish suffering in ways that even human mind could not phantom, then had to overcome the cup he drank and then end of world would come and a way out for all whom would follow him would open.

Behold God gave up his power and all knowing to accomplish this leaving only within himself the memory which would unlock as needed what needed done to accomplish this, what has been done by the King of kings has never been done before. God found a loophole in eternal law and did the greatest act that has ever been done in all existences before all time, so great is this act that the entire universes of all existences honour him even so their logos. That is why he is the King of kings, Lord of lords and any whom mock his name do so unto their own condemnation for his name is the loophole out of the condemnation rightful for those given second chance.

It is not Gods will that people suffer, it was going to happen already God came to give mankind and all others worlds fallen a opportunity to be saved, people suffer because of their sins because sin feeds the beast a entity unbeknown to man but surrounds their worlds. Ye are already in Hell but at top of pit the lesser dimension of it but many suffer even here and struggle never knowing true happiness, it only get worse after you die and your spirit is taken, if you die in sins having done evils and not all sins are forgivable, if you torture and murder people you shall have to be tortured yourself and shall surely die. People whom name is not in the book of life, a knowledge God has of those whom accepted his offer, are those whom rejected the alternative timeline and remained unto original timeline of condemnation, God gave the world the Light of Truth so they whom listen and come unto it may be saved but many choose not to fill their lamps in the oil.

In time all this shall make sense, whom I am and why I know these things shall for now remain a mystery but in a day of thunder and lightning shall ye all known whom spoke this day.

Eternal law demands all reap as sow, even so a wicked word against another allows a wicked entity to cause harm against you, kindness is the power all elements obey even so laws of governing can not hold one of pure heart whom becomes sinless, they shall ascend. For man this is impossible but with God all things are possible.
Jesus Christ is the only way out, the only way to avoid your rightful condemnation and only way to happiness. No one can go unto the Father without the help of the Fathers Son which is liken to a duplicate of the Father the same Spirit. I advise all people repent your time is running out the WORD shall soon overcome the world and leave and Satan shall come as antichrist to rule for a short time bringing great destruction and that time shall be horrific to all people on earth.
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I believe you. Forgive me Lord in the name of Jesus Christ.
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