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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle paul
Post Content
More words for OP
The truth about reincarnation and whom man really is, why they need help.
Behold the mystery of reincarnation, reincarnation is a topic man has pondered on for sometime but without understanding of it people are misled. When it was said that people only get one life it is true this is normally the way it works but there has been exceptions to this rule.

Those bound in chains of underworld can not reincarnate, those whom die in sin reap consequences associated to the sins in underworlds until time of the resurrection, this realm is called 'hades' this is not the permanent Hell known as Sheol 'outer darkness' described as lake of fire but it is a place of torment and far worse than man can comprehend; the lake of fire is just far worse than all the levels in underworld. Those whom repented in life whom have not lived as a hypocrite and have follow example of Christ are taken at death to a realm called purgatory to also await the resurrection this is a place of waiting but is not Heaven.

The only spirits capable of reincarnation are those whom came from Heaven, from presence of God they are the prophets of God, no other spirit can reincarnate for they are bound. Humanity is a consortium of fallen spirits from other spiritual plains they have never seen Heaven and are birthed in places considered by eternal law as fallen 'evil'. They are not made of the same spirit as those from the Heavens, but can be adopted by those from the Heavens in that way become sons and daughters unto God if God chooses to adopt them. Man have seen themselves for long time as divine when truly they are not and must strive to be worthy to be given the spirit which brings them divine heritage, without the help of the Spirit of Christ without help of the advocate Jesus Christ with the Father mankind can not ever enter Heaven.

Reincarnation is not something possible by the fallen spirits it is only possible by those whom are not fallen whom came to assist the fallen before the cycle reaches the time of the 'lake of fire' it was a opportunity given to be redeemed therefore be born again in eternal life at the resurrection, people can refuse this offer and remain on their timeline to condemnation if so choose. The concept of eternal Hell is complex the permanent Hell Sheol is not the same as the temporal hells 'underworlds' dimensions occupying mans space/time of the earth. The permanent Hell is because there is only one time intervention to change outcome of future possible by eternal law, those whom do not take advantage of the offer of redemption will be taken into the bottomless pit, the outer darkness lake of fire experience in which to get out is not possible except that the spirit be destroyed first and this takes as time measures a eternity which can not be measured by the mathematics of man.

Therefore understand ye are not the sons and daughters of God yet, that when Christ spoke to his disciples he spoke to them not those reading it, there was times Jesus said to others your Father is the Devil which is true for many spirits on earth, Adoption by Jesus Christ is the offer given by acceptance of the atonement and gratitude for what was done for ye, the requirement is to follow the example shown by Christ and live to best of your ability without sin, repenting always if do sin in humility.

Reincarnation is preserved for the true Sons of the Light not many, which are the Seven Spirits of God sent forth unto all ends of the earth. Man can be given the Spirit light if accepts but this does not mean they represent it for they also are evil and can easily misinterpret and misled losing the spirit light not realising it cause of darkness. All those claiming divinity will never reach it for that pride prevents them ever being adopted, instead they shall fall with the earth as she drops into the lower dimensions of underworld which is to occupy in your near future times, after the world war which is soon near end of tribulation which cometh like bullet soon after.

Ehyeh Esher Ehyeh
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