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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle MURK9
Post Content
By Yeshua's own words we are to test the spirits.

I bear the mark of God the Creator, Our Father, He who was , is, and shall be. The one whom no other is above. Who's mark do you carry?
 Quoting: MURK9

ye are misled and need to repent, all spirits but God are to be tested by testing God ye have already failed. For the Word is given so those with eyes to see will but those without will remain blind.
 Quoting: spiritoftruth111 26530436

I test not God but a man of flesh who claims to be God.

You are not God the creator, you cannot do squat! Prove it take your best shot, you can't and you know it. BECAUSE MY GOD The Creator is above your rotten flesh and spirit. God the father protects me from all you unclean spirits. SO as you Aussies like to say BUGGER OFF!
 Quoting: MURK9

A devil asking for proof only recieves the sign of Jonah, ye ask for proof but it will only come as Wrath prophecized personally for what ye go through for your pride.

As ye speak now I do not find ye numbered as mine, for one of such pride whom comes with the spirit of contention saying give me proof is in darkness for if the WORDs do not show then the test is failed. I will not give you proof for the test is faith ye must discern for yourself.

But repent of your wickedness against the Heaven lest my Fathers wrath rest upon you.
 Quoting: Spiritoftuth111 26530436

If I was here for my pride I would not fight for those I do not even know. I care for all, and show it every day with my actions. Pride is being full of ones self and you show that so well. You always have.

God sent me here and gave me His mark. I live only to serve God my Father. You live to deceive all you can. You may offer refreshing cool drink but even the most refreshing water is poison if it contains one drop of it. While your words do contain much of God's true gospel of his Kingdom it still is laced with poison and anyone who believes your words will be poisoned by it.

You are the wolf that comes in sheeps skin.
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