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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle donnamickey
Post Content
me soooooooooo very confused and very scared. Still me believe in the ONE TRUE GOD, The creator of Heaven and Earth, The GOD of Moses, Abraham and Isaac. That GOD sent HIS one and only begotten son, Jesus Christ, born by the virgin Mary, to die on the cross and rose the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead 3 days later for anyone who believes in him and asks for forgiveness. me believe in the Holy Spirit. me humbly ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness. Please, anyone who reads this ask for forgiveness from Jesus Christ. me can do nothing without him. me fear GOD and the Lord of Lords, and King of Kings Jesus Christ. GOD please have mercy on my soul and grant me grace. me have faith that GOD will provide and GOD has always provided sooooooooooooo much for me. me going to start donating the things we don't need to others who need them more. Dear Jesus, please don't ever leave me or forsake me. the reason me don't use the term I AM, is because that is reserved for GOD alone and it kinda bothers me although its in my language so me have to use it in every day life. Sorry, Thankyou GOD and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. if me have done or said anything wrong, me sorry. me a sinner and please forgive me Jesus for not understanding, me know not, me have thought me know alot but me have learned me know not. me a sinner and have sinned and ask Jesus to forgive me. Thankyou Jesus. Amen
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