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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle paul
Post Content
He has left GLP....(i told u he called me humble)
That day was my greatest day ever ! wow i can feel his love(He knows i`m posting this wow) PTL
Let it be known in day of judgement God and Christ spoke unto mankind on forum of glp but the wicked offended the good spirit so they withdrew and let they whom have not heeded the warning know that ye shall be told in day of judgement we know ye not and be numbered as the goats. Let your afflictions to come humble you and if you are truly sincere we shall forgive, but as it stand now Heaven shall not abide in those whom have spoke as a serpent.

For ye whom were humble I send you my blessings and tell ye to begin to prepare for the end, for world war is not long away and the beginning of tribulation soon after.

We dust our feet and leave, when the good spirit saith return we shall for now we will leave for a time.

Ehyeh Esher Ehyeh

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