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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle donnamickey
Post Content
OH, Thankyou to GOD in Heaven creator of Heaven and Earth for sending your Son Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords and King of kings to die for us on the cross. If it hadn't been for Jesus Christ the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON of GOD me couldn't be saved. me repent of my sins and humbly ask for forgivness. Thankyou sooooooooooooo much for all that GOD has shown me so that me may have the opportunity to ask for forgiveness and repent. me seek The Lord Jesus Christ with all of my heart, soul and mind. my prayers have been answered in sooooooo many ways and me ask for your protection for me is scared. Shalom, and Thankyou be to Jesus Christ the Lord who has been resurrected. Amen.sheep
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