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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle Spiritoftruth111
Post Content
Heed this warning from the Spirit, many shall come to lead ye astray to malipulate your spirit so ye turn against the Light, for they come as a sheep but underneath are ravenous wolfs. Knoweth now all whom would speak against my WORDS speak against the WORDS of GOD which the Holyspirit giveth to enlighten the souls of man. Let then ye know their spirits come from their Father the devil and shall remain so if they repent not, for none can be adopted whom do not accept the offer therefore in truth they are not a child of God.

Let not them ruin your own salvation, stand with us not against us and listen to your heart for the good spirit will beare witness to you whom has been speaking, let then ye know that within the pile of coal there is a diamond, ye have found that diamond. I have spoken words which empower those whom can hear it by the spirit of the person reading shall it be interpeted, the evil can not interpet correctly the WORDS of Light for they know only darkness. In this way ye shall be able to discern whom is evil and whom is good, let it be known that a evil spirit will try to prevent you from listening when the real truth is spoken, that those in this thread whom are wicked the spirit sought not to share anymore pearls with and because others began to listen to the serpents the Spirit which is Good withdrew.

Repent and listen not unto any others for we are the Truth all else is decievers, bound in chains of spirit to Hell. Our spirit is sinless, though we occupy the body of sin so we may overcome the cup and like the refining fire purify our elements; we still are the same Spirit whom came and gave his life so many may live.
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