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Message Subject I am He whom promised to return let ye now know the Truth.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Please tell me
My Brother Richard died Nov 2005 will you please tell me where he is now....also am I saved for sure and pleasing the lord now?
thanks Chris
 Quoting: Chris 8335588

If he was a believers in God and was a kind honest person and commit not many evils against others, was not a murder or a torturer and repented in his life and tried to live by righteous standards he is a place of waiting until the day of ressurection. If thou listen unto the words we have shared in the posts we have given including the ones of past linked ye shall see him soon for that day is not long away which all things shall be remade anew.
 Quoting: Spiritoftruth 26530436


If you were indeed who you claimed you are.

You would know where his brother Richard is.

You state 'if he was a believer...'

Again, if you were who you claimed you are, you would already know if he was a believer.
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