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Subject psychic advice for a job. A simple yes or no is what I'm asking.
Poster Handle Glp fan3
Post Content
I don't have many skills, except that I'm a Reiki certified Master/Teacher. That was my dream what I wanted to do. Be a healer. I spent a lot of money for my attunements and now having trouble making money at it, because of demographics around here. I live in a poor city(rent is cheap) and most of the people here in my city are Portuguese/Catholic and for some English is a SECOND language.. Another thing IS I do NOT have a car and can't afford one at the moment, but could take a cab, at this place if it was worth it, because I would be making tips$$$.
I was wondering if I would have a chance, to make enough money being a waitress at a high end strip joint, after I pay the 70 or 75 dollars to and from, by a cab.
HOLD ON BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME! I also have a connection/friend, that is a photographer for the strip joint, because I did modeling, in my 20s, on onemodelplace.com and am still friends with this photographer. I did a lot of modeling, in my 20s, from onemodelplace.com and he was on that site also! I'm not sure if I'll make more than 70 dollars a night, because waitresses, in strip clubs around here don't get an hourly pay and have to tip out a percentage of what they make.
If I make only make 70 dollars a night, then I will be working for free, because of paying for the CAB/TAXI and who knows, I might make more or less than that! Any psychics think I'll do good??? I'm in my thirties and been told I still am pretty, but it IS a superficial job, with competition with other girls, and not sure if I'm up to par, or to old to be walking around with a short skirt and cleavage, at my age. :/
Should I go for it or will I end up wasting 70 dollars to and from, the place, and be dissapointed?

Psychics? Intuitive gut feelings about this? I'm so depressed, because I'm broke and can barely take care of my stray cat I took in and am thinking of trying to find a home for her(breaks my heart because she is VERY attached to me). I picked her up off the street and she was skin and bones and had no front claws, so she couldn't even eat out of the trash. I would hate to give her up but cat food and litter and vet visits are a lot of money.
I would appreciate ANYBODY that has a strong feeling on what I should do and will send you Reiki, and it can be done with just knowing your first initial of your name or will pull a tarot card for you.
With L&L and future THANKS!
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