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Message Subject psychic advice for a job. A simple yes or no is what I'm asking.
Poster Handle H aka Jalira
Post Content
I don't get a good feeling about it. You will make up the money, no problem. However, I see you miserable being around all that low vibration energy and creep people. Your cat wont even want to be around you when you've had a particularly slimy shift. If you do it please make it very temporary.
The feeling I get is you already know someone who will help to get you a better job, involved with healing. Though not reikki (sp?) but you will be able to do it without saying. Is there some sort of charity near you that provides medical services? This is what I feel, and it feels like a good few years you will be happy doing this before moving.

I'm not the best psychic but it does happen sometimes *shrug*
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