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Message Subject psychic advice for a job. A simple yes or no is what I'm asking.
Poster Handle Glp fan3
Post Content
No. You will not make much tips in that industry at this time. Times are hard and most men are not spending their money as much as they used to. You will be making less than $70 most nights. Sorry, the economy is the real problem here.

Honestly, get a seasonal job at a store (Christmas Sales Season). Then paper the rest of the areas of interest you may have (other than waitress at a stripper place). As long as you have a job currently (yes, even seasonal help), your chances of getting another job are much higher than being unemployed.

If I'm correct, there is a largest retail outlet store within near walking distance of you. Try for the seasonal work there.

PS. if you dress nice and attend each day and take on more hours (be on call) this position will turn permanent. not full time I fear, but permanent which is more of a job than you have now.

I predict around 30 hours a week on average, leaving you time to pursue reiki on the side.

Oh and contrary to what you may think, you do look very nice in 'revealing' clothing.... ;)
 Quoting: Bowyn Aerrow

Thank you, about the last comment! :D
Well, actually you sound like my friend that has that connection, to get me the job. He says the economy is tough, and doesn't think the waitresses there are making a lot of money, but really can not say for sure.
IF THEY DO I KNOW THERE IS A TIP OUT, so taking into consideration the other replies, even if I make 100 dollars a night and have a 15-20% tip out, it won't be worth it, taking a cab, at 70 dollars a night, back and forth.
Then the slow nights, I'm starting to think maybe stick to looking around to maybe waitress, in a regular club/bar, in this city. I've been a waitress before so, I know tips can really fluctuate, depending on the night of the week and how many waitresses are on the same shift(sometimes too many). I would hate being a food waitress though! lol
Drinks are easy. :)
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