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Message Subject psychic advice for a job. A simple yes or no is what I'm asking.
Poster Handle Glp fan3
Post Content
I have a feeling that you would make more than 70 a night, far more. However, I also have a really bad feeling about this job opportunity. You will make an unintentional "enemy" and it will lead to something bad. Keep looking. Also, don't get rid of the cat, she needs you!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4428411

They say cats protect houses against evil...She increases the amount of LOVE in my life. It's the HIGHEST vibration, I believe~ LOVE! :)
I've been a little happier and not so jittery since she's been here, because of the bad vibes this house has imprinted, in the walls because of it's past. It's an old creepy house.

I think you are intuitively talented and over miles away, it's hard to read for someone! Thank you! Know you are good.

There are a few other talented psychics on this thread too!
The ones I REPLIED to, especially!
'Like knows like' they say.
Thank you friends!
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