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Veterans Twice as Likely to Cheat on Their Spouses as Non-Veterans

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11/13/2012 02:52 AM
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Veterans Twice as Likely to Cheat on Their Spouses as Non-Veterans
Men and women who have served in the military have considerably higher rates of marital infidelity and divorce than the population at large, according to a 2011 study.

"Veteran Status, Marital Infidelity, and Divorce," a paper presented at last year's American Sociological Association Meeting, found that:

32 percent of veterans who were ever married reported that they'd had extra-marital sex, compared with 16.8 percent of ever-married non-veterans;
38.5 percent of ever-married veterans had gotten divorced, compared with 28.9 percent of ever-married non-veterans;
For both veterans and non-veterans, sexual infidelity is likely to lead to divorce. People who reported that they'd cheated on their spouses were more than 2.3 times more likely to have gotten divorced than those who hadn't been unfaithful.
Read more [link to www.theatlantic.com]