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States in the eyes of businessmen

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 27659114
11/13/2012 08:09 AM
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States in the eyes of businessmen
) Japanese

Japanese negotiations rigorous known in the international community, like the team talks. They are attention to detail, including the bathroom, warehouse, canteen, dormitories are likely to see, and so have to pay attention. Best time to start negotiations every day to change tie, to show respect. Pre-negotiations, the audit work is very complicated, but once traded future are to do in accordance with the fixed pattern. I personally feel that the Japanese still very reputable speaking.

2) Korean

The Korean also like the value of some of the details, but the personal feeling that some people do not pay attention to credibility, because of the recent financial crisis the many small Hanziqiye wages deserted the. Burning bridges, today and traders to do tomorrow, contact the factory. General management and efficiency.

3) Indians

I personally feel that I am a little voice, because I customers in 2000 is the Indians, and later there are several Indian colleagues worked. Indians very suspicious, fickle, and the habit of shirking its responsibility like a bargain, the English really pure hawks. If the Indians quotations, must stay out of the space they bargain, because as long as you dare to offer, he would dare to bargain, not cut your purpose, hacked you purpose. Indians efficiency is very poor, the trifle should also meeting to study half a day, and take the goods to India, as far as possible and freight forwarding period to apply for a few days free stacked.

4) Americans

Americans relatively outgoing, enthusiastic, confident, like straight to the point. More stringent packaging requirements, attention to your factory employment of child labor or the details of the violations of international labor law, may have to sign a guarantee agreement.

5) German

German I think the most rigorous, like negotiations and decision-making power, like to call their title. The deepest impression once German customers to visit our company, we do a warm welcome, and before leaving, he asked me, our general manager, which was born and then told me that he sent him a bottle of red wine of the year. Time just me and the general manager of a business trip to Germany, during the last visit them, due to time constraints, we are talking about finished, go go out into the airport, waiting for us soon for End to baggage, to hear a familiar voice shouting looked back to see a fat old man holding a bottle of wine came to us, or brought in person. See I said I PROMISED YOU SO I MUST the KEEP IT German indeed very cattle, we bought several devices are the first payment, then people re-shipment, but did not encounter quality problems, after-sales service place, honest and trustworthy, fined in Germany counterfeiters will go bankrupt.

6) British

British gentleman, more friendly. Communicate with them as little as possible on royal topics Furthermore it is best not to wear a striped tie, do not call them ENGLAND people generally call them BRITAIN. Primary and two British negotiations, they came from Sheffield, UK Goodfellas, English pronunciation is sent to the extreme legato, slur, slightly tone, there are dialects have to spend, I only got less than 50%, I am also the English eight, the BBC, VOA did not less listen to, ah, I paused for a moment, and asked them why they say so, they gave me the answer, I can not be 100% understand, I will stress, Dude, I told them the next topic, exchanges with Chinese They laugh, and speak normal pronunciation normal. Because English is not our mother tongue, if foreigners speaking fast, you can politely ask them to the speech rate slow point, in order to exchange, refuses to accept they speak Chinese.

7) Dutch

Yes, the Dutch gave me the impression they are very easy-going, very open, and the upper and lower levels is not obvious leadership can directly call name, we go out and play together, sing together, no pressure. Problem, easy to talk to, do not make life difficult for people, good talk.

8), Denmark and the Nordic

Contact with them, I feel they are very quiet, and in most cases are listening to, to do things more rigorous and also easier to communicate.